N M Sarma

Conference/ Seminars/ Presentations: Attended or presented by the faculty, work experience

  1. Several years of experience in creating Global Hubs, Designed, Developed and Delivered BOT models and AaaS models specific to Analytics Business and Client Objectives.
  2. Set up Analytics COEs over 10 locations Globally. Robust Framework designed for BOT and AaaS.
  3. Built a team from a one-man-team to 5000 Analytics experts globally.

Indusrty Experience

  1. Banking
  2. Top 5 US Banks
  3. Top 2 EU Banks
  4. Largest Australian Bank
  5. Top Australian Bank and Insurance
  6. Largest Bank in APAC
  7. Premium Investment bank of Qatar
  8. Largest Bank in India


  1. Top 5 Insurance companies globally
  2. Banking and Insurance company for US Defense
  3. Leading Financial Services Company

CPG & Retail

  1. Largest CPG, Pharma, Media MR
  2. Largest CPG company Globally
  3. Largest Beverages Company
  4. Largest Liquor manufacturer
  5. Largest US Pharmacy
  6. Largest US Home Improvement Retailer
  7. Largest Office Supplies US Company
  8. Largest Toys Retailer

Top 3 Entertainment Company ERU

  1. UK's Largest Utilities company
  2. Australia's leading Energy company
  3. India's Largest Private Energy company

Professional Services

  1. 3 out of 4 Big consulting companies

Technology Companies

  1. Global leaders in ERP
  2. Global leader in Software
  3. Largest Bio Tech Product company
  4. Leading Conglomerate in 7 Industries


  1. Top 10 Global Car Manufacturers
  2. Leading Chemical Manufacturer
  3. Leading Industrial component distributors
  4. UK's Leading Airline
  5. 5 of Global Telecom Companies

Research Paper/ Projects: Research papers worked on / articles in publications/ journals and projects worked on: Some Key Highlights

  1. Created 5 Innovation centers globally supporting clients testing new technologies and Methodologies.
  2. Global Hubs for over 100 customers from Due Diligence to BAU and beyond.
  3. Complex class room training for 17 weeks by client, revamped to 6 weeks project-specific training, enabling faster deployment of resources on actual projects.
  4. First time in country to measure Consumer Sampling Effectiveness using both Digital and on-the ground implementation.
  5. For the first time, designed and implemented "Metrics for Quality of Insights" beyond just Time and Quantity.
  6. Conducted Analytics Awareness Workshops for over 2000 students and working Professionals.
  7. Trained over 500 professionals on Business Analytics, Big Data Tools and Technologies.
  8. First time in the country to create a large French Team with E4 Language expertise and Business Insights expertise.
  9. Academic Interface Programs (AIP) to manage scale of Talent Requirement, Recruiting framework, Retention Strategies, Rewards and Recognition, Salary Benchmarking, Training faculty development and Skill mapping are some of the first time initiatives that are worth a mention which are unique and first time that Sarma has to his credit.
  10. Complex report design to Optimization, one-team to multiple teams globally is an unique experience across so many years of journey in the Analytics space.

Email id: nmsarma@phygital_insights.com